Project pegasus hoax
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Project pegasus hoax

Webre said one tragedy occurred in the early days of the technology in which a child in project pegasus arrived a few seconds before his legs. Talk:project pegasus this page was nominated for deletion on note: this was a requested article by wikiproject comics under it's proper name of project: pegasus. Posts about project pegasus hoax written by chosenbygrace. Andrew d basiago is on facebook the mission of project pegasus is to lead the campaign to urge the us government to declassify and deploy its teleportation. Andrew basiago enjoyed a successful career as a journalist and lawyer until some time in 2008, when he started submitting academic papers to the national. Posts about project pegasus written by mason i bilderberg (mib.

project pegasus hoax

Forget 2012 prophecies, mayan calendars and lurking planets that go only by the name x there’s an even kookier conspiracy theory in town, and it. Evidence darpa-cia time travel pre has described how as a child serving in project pegasus in evidence darpa-cia time travel pre-identified trump as. Omniversetv the 3rd wave of mars explorers to go public on saturday february 10, 2018 at 1pm pst webinar: exposing the hoax of religions: jesus was a buddhist monk. The team leader of project pegasus, andrew d basiago, is a lawyer, writer, and 21st century visionary he is an emerging figure in the disclosure movement, who is. Project pegasus hoax i've often mentioned project pegasus, but we've never really talked about it, you know the time travel and teleportation experiments of project.

In this episode hoax hunter john razimus discusses why andrew basiago is not a project pegasus time traveler, including his supposed photographic evidence. Below are two videos and an article on project pegasus church of the cosmos : temple of light project pegasus, time travel & teleportation technology. Project pegasus was the highly classified research and development programme handled and carried out by a branch of the us army defence community called defence. Are these images proof of real time travel posted by rob schwarz who allegedly took part in darpa’s top secret government operation project pegasus back in the.

Andrew basiago hoax you don't disprove things it isn't up to science to prove that this was a hoax, it is up to the people making the claim (those. Project: pegasus (potential energy group/alternate sources/united states) is an enormous research facility that is funded and operated by the united states department. A hoax or was it real the top secret time travel and teleportation experiments of project pegasus inducted him into the project pegasus program permalink.

Project pegasus: travelling to mars – teleportation and “jump rooms” despite the fact that there's no physical evidence that corroborates the claims. He served in darpa's project pegasus from 1968 to 1972 and the cia's mars project from 1980 to 1984 vancouver, bc in april 2014 us. Project pegasus: time travel & 911 we were identified by project personnel from the future, who knew from the perspective of their time that we had been involved. Andrew d basiago was born on september 18, 1961 in morristown, new jersey, the youngest of five children when my quest, project pegasus, succeeds.

Project pegasus hoax

project pegasus hoax

Confessed time traveler andrew basiago is running for president, knows he he’s referring to the time he and his fellow project pegasus colleague william.

  • Appearing during all 4 hours of the show, attorney andrew d basiago discussed his experiences within a secret darpa program-- project pegasus, and what he claimed.
  • Think aboutit - ufos searching for the truth on ufos project pegasus project plato project pluto real or hoax ufo experts warn of.
  • Andrew d basiago hoax vs truth teller wilmex1 loading andrew d basiago - 2 & 3 nov 2013 - project pegasus & the mars project - duration: 6:10:54.
  • Project pegasus: government attempt at teleportation 2017/11/project-pegasus george soros global warming hoax gmo grounding guest writers.
  • Andrew basiago is not a time traveler - hoax hunter with john razimus basiago is not a project pegasus time traveler hoax debunked and.

The hadron collider & time manipulation project pegasus reply the hadron collider & time manipulation project the hadron collider & time manipulation. The defense advanced research projects agency (darpa) which darpa supported by funding project mac at mit with an initial two-million-dollar grant. Have any of andrew d basiago's project pegasus claims been there was a government project called project pegasus reliable or is project pegasus a hoax.

project pegasus hoax project pegasus hoax project pegasus hoax

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